The power of crowds

CobbleCamp is a platform of tools dedicated to digital activism and online mobilisations. We want to make it easy for anyone to mobilise online for great causes. We will release first tools in autumn 2014 and then regularly add new functionalities. So stay tuned to be the first to know !
We currently work with organisations on real campaigns to test custom tools. If you want to be part of our testing program, please contact us. We would be happy to help you in acting for good.

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#FightImpunity for RWB

Join Reporters Withour Borders to put pressure on governments and bring those responsible for crimes of violence against journalists to justice.

#OccupySivens for EELV

A virtual demonstration after young french ecologist activist Remi Fraisse was killed by the police during a fighting.


The first collaborative platform to empower antisexism activists.

#Occupy4Peace with FIDH

Gathering peace supporters from all over the world to ask for an immediate and lasting ceasefire between Palestine and Israƫl.

#ForFreedom for FIDH

Calling world influencers to act in favor of human rights to give freedom back to arbitrarily detained freedom defenders.


Fighting against everyday sexism by calling out the signatories of a sexist manifesto insulting women and sex workers.

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